About us

Hello we are Creeative Elegance! 


Creeative Elegance is mainly located online for we live far apart from each other mainly in Compton, California and Phoenix, Arizona.
What we do
Here in Creeative Elegance we provide cute art in different styles such as fantasy, alternative, sci-fi, kawaii, nature and nsfw art. Currently we are focusing on creating stickers, and pins that we can drop ship for we in future can use our funding to create clothes based on our designs. Sticker and Pins are manageable products Creeative Elegance can produce. We also have ideas of selling prints of our work here on Shopify. All shop updates will be mainly announced on our Instagram. Support us to make our goals happen! 
Who we are and history
We are a group of three friends joined together that share the same passion for art. We are college students studying for our associates degree's in Fine art, child development, and business. All three of us grew up in Compton, California with the dream to become independent artists. When we were brainstorming our ideas on discord for drawings. We both agreed to create a online shop to sell our designs to help us earn extra cash on the side to support ourselves and our lifestyles.   
Our audience
We established this shop with the ideas of collaborating with each others different styles of creativity. We mainly focus on bringing the style of fantasy, alternative, sci-fi, kawaii, nature and nsfw art to our shop for our goal is to create a community based on the ages 18 and older!
Our Philosophy
In Creeative Elegance we believe that art helps us reveal our true selves of who we want to be .Our products are affordable and stylish for anyone for we believe that art is created equal to anybody who has the passion for it.
Contact Info
If you have any questions about anything about our products. Direct message us on our Instagram or Email us on creeativeelegance051721@gmail.com
What drawing software do you use?:
We currently use Ibis Paint X on our tablet devices
What animation app do you use?
Canva, and Inshot.
What are your inspirations?:
Anime, Magical girls, Nature, Kawaii culture, Sci- fi, animals, Nsfw art, horror, and Video games.
Do you guys drop ship internationally?:
Yes, we do!